Fossil Insect Collection

Absolutely UNIQUE fossil insect collection for sale

A remarkable one-off investment opportunity


During the course of producing book titles (and research over two decades) on amber inclusions and fossil insects I amassed a large collection of specimens in both rock and amber from important localities around the globe, including Europe, Asia and the Americas. The amber component of the collection is now housed in Los Angeles Museum, USA, but the rock preserved insects are still available. These are museum quality fossils and have been identified, in many cases, to species level by some of the leading world authorities. The collection includes many extremely rare organisms (in some cases known only from a single other specimen) and some represent new species. Some species represented are better preserved than their respective holotypes. A signed copy of my book comes with the collection.

















The collection consists or around 45 specimens, representing the extant insect orders: Ephemeroptera, Odonata, Orthoptera, Blattodea, Hemiptera, Coleoptera, Raphidioptera, Neuroptera, Hymenoptera, Mecoptera and Diptera.


One option is to auction off the collection via a specialist Natural History auction house. However, I would also be happy to receive realistic offers (in the region of £17,500) from interested institutions (or private individuals). Points to consider when making an offer: 1. This sale is in part intended to compensate for lack of a salary over 10 years of unfunded academic research; 2. The collection took considerable time, international travel and funds to amass; 3. Please remember that this is a one-off opportunity to obtain a unique collection of many figured fossil insects identified by leading world authorities, in some cases to species level; 4. The collection includes new undescribed species; 5. The taxman will take a sizeable chunk of the sale; 6. The specimens form the majority of the Dr D. Penney fossil insect research collection, so it will also have additional historical value in the future. 7. Whoever purchases the collection must collect it in person from the UK. The collection is unlikely to depreciate in value if maintained appropriately, hence this is a potentially lucrative investment opportunity, one that is unlikely to occur again. Anybody wishing to express an interest may contact Dr David Penney by email through (please put "fossil insect collection" in the subject field). Please note this fossil collection is NOT kept on our premises, nor will it be broken up for sale as individual specimens. The sale of this collection will increase significantly the productivity of Siri Scientific Press and the unfunded research of Dr Penney.


Some highlights of the collection are shown below. Clicking on the image will provide more information about that particular specimen. Thank you for looking and please share with others who may be interested.


Insects in rock (various deposits)
Insect coll Mongolia China111022-57-2
Insect coll Mongolia China110918-14-2
Insect coll Mongolia 111022-19-2
Insect coll Mongolia 111022-18-2
Insect coll Mesoraphidia Mongolia EB
Insect coll Mecoptera Jehol, Liaoning Cr
Insect coll Jehol poss Osmylidae2 Jehol,
Insect coll Jehol Mayfly wingtip Jehol L
Insect coll Jehol Liaoning China Coptocl
Insect coll Mesoraphidia Mongolia EB
Liassophlebia cf. jacksoni Jurassic
Dragonfly wing from the Lower Lias, Lower Sinemurian, Obtusum zone, Black Ven, Charmouth, Dorset, UK
Wyoming Diptera (?Bibionidae)
Leptopius sp. pupation chamber
Weevil Leptopius sp. pupation chamber (Coleoptera) from the Tertiary Weipa Bauxite of northern Queensland, Australia. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Triassic beetle elytra Australia
USA Tar Pit Cybister beetle
Water beetle Cybister sp. (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) from the Pleistocene tar pits of Rancho La Brea, California, USA. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Solnhofen Orthoptera
Jurassic Orthoptera. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Solnhofen Mayfly
Jurassic mayfly. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Solnhofen Dragonfly
Jurassic dragonfly, an unusual specimen in lateral view. FIGURED SPECIMEN
herbivory on leaf British Columbia
Hymenoptera, Green River, USA
Sciaridae Diptera, Green River, USA
Diptera, Green River, USA
Staphylinidae, Green River, USA
Araripegryllus sp., Crato, Brazil
Araripegryllus sp. (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from the Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Roeslianeurinae, Crato, Brazil
Mesochrysopidae, Crato, Brazil
Mayfly, Crato, Brazil
Hemiptera, Crato, Brazil
Cearagryllus perforatorius, Crato
Cearagryllus perforatorius (Orthoptera: Baissogryllidae) from the Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Homoptera & fish, Crato, Brazil
Asilidae, Crato, Brazil
Tipulidae, Crato, Brazil
Eoprotoneura hyperstigma, Crato
Damselfly Eoprotoneura hyperstigma (Odonata: Protoneuridae) from the Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Araripeblatta brevis, Crato
Cockroach Araripeblatta brevis (Blattodea: Araripeblattidae) from the Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Colossocossus bechlyi, Crato
Giant cicada Colossocossus bechlyi (Hemiptera: Palaeontinidae) from the Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil. This specimen is more complete than the holotype, which consists only of an isolated forewing. The hindwing is also preserved in this specimen. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Cicadomorpha, Crato, Brazil
New family of cicada (Hemiptera: Cicadomorpha) from the Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Cratoscalapha sp., Crato, Brazil
Owlfly Cratoscalapha sp. (Neuroptera: Ascalaphidae) from the Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Cratoalloneura, Crato, Brazil
Araripaneuridae, Crato, Brazil
Lacewing (Neuroptera: Araripaneuridae) from the Cretaceous Crato Formation, Brazil. FIGURED SPECIMEN
Antlion, Crato, Brazil
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