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Escape the Fat Trap - It's not rocket science! (The Obesity Problem Solved!)

by David Penney - Click the cover for more info!

Escape the Fat Trap - it's not rocket science David Penney


Reviews (click the cover to find out more and order a copy)
(Everything Dinosaur blog): "This is a must have for anyone seriously contemplating working in palaeontology.  It also makes a great gift for anyone who is considering aspiring to be amongst the next generation of palaeontologists, or indeed for the enthusiastic fossil collector who would like to become more involved with this fascinating area of science. This publication provides an insider’s view on the exciting and diverse career opportunities available to students who want to develop their interest in palaeontology into a full-time occupation.  It really is required reading for any teacher or educationalist wishing to assist aspiring palaeontologists."

Reviews (click the cover to find out more and order a copy)
Entomologie heute (November, 2016): “… the author, a renowned zoologist, arachnologist and authority on amber fossils, gives an overview on recent advances and developments in amber palaeobiology. Further, he develops ideas on future amber research and what might be very promising. He deals with old and new amber deposits, the latter for instance in China (“Palaeodiversity & New Amber Deposits”), with “Microbes in Amber” and then he focuses on “New Imaging Techniques”, ranging from photomicroscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy, computed tomography, and synchrotron imaging (illustrated with impressive examples that provide evidence of the efficiency of the implemented technology), touches problems of “Palaeotaxonomy”, discusses “Palaeoecology”, “Palaeo/Biogeography“ and finally “Subfossils in Copal”. The book ends with a rather extensive reference list. In brief, this is a very nice and informative source.”