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I have always been a firm believer that there is not much point in having knowledge or experience if you are not prepared to pass it on to others in a manner appropriate for the level of comprehension of the audience. I have done this through university teaching, writing scientific papers and books, presenting work at conferences and also via blog posts and social media. As the father of two young daughters I have found myself drawn to teaching at this level also and have found it very rewarding. Kids have brains like sponges and they are able to soak up lots of information in a relatively short period of time. They can also ask interesting and challenging questions. At present (August 2016) my school visits are restricted to to the Rochdale area, but I expect this to change towards the end of the year. If you are interested in having me attend your school please email me with your requirements and to check for availability and costs. Many thanks!

Pupil examining a REAL Tyrannosaurus rex back-bone vertebra

Pupil with a 1:4 scale replica of aTyrannosaurus rex skull

A selection of the replicas and real fossils that I bring with me

Can you guess what it is? Full size replica of aTriceratops horn

1:4 scale replica of aTyrannosaurus rex skull

Dinosaur fossil footprint: understanding trace versus body fossils

400 million-year-old trilobite: understanding extinction

Talking fossil insects: understanding biodiversity of the past

Group examination of 115 million-year-old fossil insect

What the teachers say ...

"Thanks again for a very informative and interesting afternoon.  You had a great manner with the children across the school and both children and teachers got lots out of your visit; I know that I learnt a lot! I hope that we are able to work with you again in the future."

Peter Greaves, Vice Principal, Linden Road Academy