Powerlifting 3. When to push the limits? ... no time like the present!

Today was the last day of Week 1 (I will provide a summary review post tomorrow) and was a heavy deadlift day. I completed the 5 sets of 5 reps at various percentages of my 1RM as follows: 75 kg, 90 kg, 107.5 kg, 120 kg, 90 kg. It also included various conditioning exercises using the kettlebells, in addition to other core body strength work (I will cover what I do for this in a future blog post).

Of course it is all well and good to train using incremental percentages of your 1RM and this is clearly needed to build up the strength required in order to progress beyond the 1RM, and indeed to keep progressing beyond that. But anybody who lifts heavy weights will know that the real joy comes from picking up REALLY heavy loads. So, once I was in the groove and had finished my scheduled reps I decided to up the game by adding in some accessory work.

This involved a partial lift (from just above knee level) above my 1RM. The idea with this is that if you gradually work downwards (i.e. next starting point would be just below knee level), extending the range of the lift you are doing each time, then when you come to do the full lift it should feel easier ... or so the theory goes. Using this technique I managed to lift 160 kg for 3 reps, which is 10 kg above my 1RM. I also tried 165 kg, but it was having none of it, but that will change!

You will notice I am wearing a lifting belt in the images below. I only wear this when I am lifting 90% or more of my 1RM and will explain more about the kit I am using in a later blog post, as I am still in the process of researching and acquiring it. Looking at these photos, I am wondering if my shoulders are a little too far forwards and whether my overhand/underhand grip is correctly balanced. I will need to pay a little more attention to this next time, but It is always good to know that Superman is omnipresent in our gym and ready to fly in should a disaster occur!

Thanks for reading!