Powerlifting 5. In at the deep end ... my first powerlifting meet is in two weeks!

Ultimately, the aim of my powerlifting plan is to compete. However, as I stated in my first blog post of just one week ago, this was planned to be a year and half or so from now when I hit 50 and fall in the m2 class ... and of course, when I have much more experience and knowledge of what I am doing. Not so long ago a friend of mine who is a strength and conditioning coach invited me to an event that he is hosting locally and I kind of wiggled out of attending on the grounds that I really did not know what I was doing. Whilst that may still be true in terms of the finer detail, I can at least now conduct each of the lifts required, whereas previously, including when I was invited, I was not actually doing competition standard lifts (as discussed in previous posts).

This event, "Out of the Darkness into the Light", is an amateur raw powerlifting meet being organized by David Green of Strongest Version, Rochdale and is a charity event in aid of Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. My wife decided we should take a trip out there yesterday and I was suitably impressed, so decided to jump in at the deep end and register for the meet!

If you would like to find out more about this event or even make a small contribution in aid of this worthwhile cause you can visit the even page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/daveygee84

Actually, I am not too worried about attending this event with having only one week of powerlifting experience at the present time and just three weeks of experience by the time of the event. Moreover, I see it as an excellent opportunity of getting the feel of such an event in a local and relaxed setting with people that I know. Hence, I do not expect I will alter my training program much in preparation for it as I don't want to interrupt it too much at such an early stage. I expect the most I will do is to shift the odd day around so that I have a light day followed by a rest day before the event instead of a heavy deadlift day. My kids are also excited about this and are planning to come along and watch daddy pick, push and pull heavy stuff! They too enjoyed their time at the farm and I was lucky (or maybe not) to come away without one of their beautiful little kittens ... maybe next time!

Last night I managed to have a read up about attending such events. It would seem that the take home messages were:

1. Make sure you are at the correct weight early on ... at least one week beforehand and do not rush to get there (max weight loss of 1kg per week). I should be OK with this, so long as I don't visit my mum beforehand.

2. Have the correct kit. Some new stuff just ordered.

3. Know the rules.

4. Know the rules.

5. Know the rules.

6. Have a (flexible) plan in advance.

7. Do not expect an 'adrenaline factor' of participating to help lift greater weights.

8. Rest well before the event.

7. Know the rules.

Hence, I think what I will do is check my 1RMs the Monday before the event and see if I can get close to them on the day. As mentioned earlier, I am primarily attending this event to see what it is all about and to get the experience of being at one ... but as for shifting heavy weights ... we will have to wait and see what happens on the day.