Powerlifting 6. 145 kg trapbar deadlift for 6 reps

OK, so here is the video of the trapbar deadlift I mentioned in the first blog post this time last week (some of you may have seen this before as a non-blog post, so I apologise for the repetition, but I felt I needed to also document it in my blog for future reference). This is what got me into picking up heavy stuff (145 kg in this instance ... around 1.5 times my bodyweight), but while it is fun to do, it is not a competition standard lift. Hence, the trapbar is now out of my program and the straight bar is now in. Although there are some similarities there are also some distinct differences and I will need some time before I can optimize my performance with the straight bar. More on my progress with this in due course. In the video clip you will see that I am wearing lifting gloves and a rather narrow lifting belt. These are both now out of the program, as I will explain in a future blog post on the kit I am using. Thanks for viewing.