Powerlifting 8. End of week 2 summary ... pains and gains

Having weighted in at the beginning of the week at 91.6 kg on Monday morning, I now (Saturday morning) weigh 90.4 kg so am well on my way to falling under the 93 kg mark for the lifting meet next Saturday, even with a brew and breakfast which I need to fire me up for the day.

In preparation for the powerlifting meet next weekend I thought I would see if I could up my deadlift on the Friday (heavy deadlift day). Following the workout I managed 160 kg, up by 10 kg from my previous best. Maybe I could do more if I did it at the beginning of the session. No rush at the moment though ... steady progression is the name of the game.

Elbow pain

The elbow pain I experienced last week started niggling again on Sunday. However, this was very minor and I put this down to having to run my daugher's football club training session on the Saturday. Normally I just watch, but ended up running around acting as a player/ref for more than an hour so my arm would have been all over the place. I did a heavy squat day on the Monday, with a greater focus on maintaining a higher bar (I am now looking at lowering this again) and a wider grip and following this suffered no pain whatsoever. Following the Monday session Lee Moran of Freedom strength also supplied me with some cool wrist wraps and these have definitely helped with wrist stability.

You can see more about the straps I got by clicking their logo below, which will take you directly to that particular product page. I will discuss these in further detail when I write the blog post about the kit I am using. Lee also took the time to discuss training program theory elements with me on Friday, for which I am also very grateful.

Shoulder pain

No more problems with this early in the week beyond finding them stiff and difficult to move when waking during the night. Fine in the mornings.

Head pain

See blog post number 7 for an explanation of this problem. I have been keeping a close eye on it. Tuesday was bench day and I felt no pains during my session, but there was a very slight pressure over my temples afterwards and this lasted for a few hours. I also felt very slight occipital discomfort, but everything was fine by Wednesday (rest day), Thursday (light day for all lifts) and Friday (heavy deadlift day). Saturday morning now and all is good!

None of the above pains following the end of training on Friday ... so all looks good in that regard.

I will not be following my training schedule next week due to the lift competition next Saturday. On Monday I will be working on the weights I intend (hope) to lift at the meet and will manage the rest of the week as I consider fit at the time. Then back to proper training the week after.

Thanks for reading!