Powerlifting 9. Prep for the powerlifting meet next Saturday and a new squat PB

My first powerlifting meeting (see blog post 5) is almost here. Obviously I have not being doing this sport long enough (just over two weeks!) to be doing any particular preparation in terms of appropriate peaking cycles, etc., but it is always important to have a plan and to be well prepared. The principle of the 7Ps is something I used to teach the students on our fieldcourses when they were nervous about giving talks about their projects to the rest of the group. It is pretty simple really: Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance! So, today was about working out my warm up routine and the weights I am hoping to shift in each lift. I also thought I would try and increase my Personal Best in the squat and bench press, given that I upped my deadlift PB on Friday.

The warm up is minimal to avoid unnecessary excessive energy expenditure.

Squat: 60 kg x 2, 80 kg x 2

Bench: 50 kg x 2, 60 kg x 1, 70 kg x1

Deadlift: 60 kg x2, 80 kg x 1, 100 kg x 1

The following will be the lifts I am aiming for:

Squat: 90 kg, 110 kg, 120 kg

Bench: 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg

Deadlift: 110 kg, 130 kg, 150 kg

So, apart from the bench I am not trying to hit my 1RM in any of the lifts.

As for the new PBs, I hit 130 kg on the squat, but am still not happy with my form. I am not coming out of the hole quick enough and am not 100% convinced I am squatting down low enough on the heavier lifts. I will work on this through the week and take some videos from the side to make sure.

I was unable to hit 110 kg on the bench, but made my previous PB of 100 kg, so that was probably a reasonably good sign that I was pretty accurate with basing that as my PB for calculating the weights in my foundation cycle.

Many thanks to Sean for spotting me!

Thanks for reading!