Powerlifting 12. Core strength conditioning work

Much of my conditioning work involves the use of kettlebells. They have a good range in our gym and while I have been aware of them since joining I have never appreciated their value as a training tool. Hence, this is all new to me. The aim of the conditioning work is to build up core body strength and the ability to balance heavy weights.

The kettlebell work involves the following routines:

Russian swings (currently at 20 kg) for 2 sets of 10

Overhead press (currently at 12 kg) for 2 sets of 10

Goblets squats (currently at 24 kg) for 2 sets of 10

Waiter/Farmer carry/walk (currently at 16/20 kg) for 2 walks there and back, each side

In addition, I include:

Standing overhead barbell press (currently at 30/40 kg) for 3 sets of 5

Barbell row (currently at 30/40 kg) for 4 sets of 5

Triceps work with an overhead rope pull (currently at 50/60 kg) for 2 sets of 8

Dips for 2 sets of 10

Press ups for 2 sets of 10

Pull ups for 2 sets of 10

Lower back raises for 2 sets of 10

Abdominals and obliques (various exercises including hanging crunches, sit sups etc.)

I will be upping the weights in due course...and I might add preacher curls back into my routine for 3 sets of 5 at 42.5 kg (just because I like doing them and a bit or arm work might help prevent elbow issues!)

If I have an injury that I need to work around, you might see me filling my time doing an up-gradient walk on the treadmill for 30-50 minutes.

Thanks for reading!