Powerlifting 19. End of week 6 summary

Monday morning weigh in: 90.0kg, Saturday morning weigh in: 89.8kg.

As per my program, all rep sets were upped by 2.5kg, apart from those bench and deadlift sets what were not completed in full last week

Squats: The sets this week were 5@80kg, 5@105kg, 5@117.5kg, 5@95kg, 5@92.5kg. No problem!

Bench presses: The sets this week were 5@80kg, 5@87.5kg, 5@90kg (6), 5@87.5kg (4), 5@80kg. No significant problem. Thanks to Danny Few PT for his spot, I managed to make the full set of 90kg, plus one extra ... as I think he thinks I can't count to five under pressure ... or maybe he was just pushing for that little bit extra!

Deadlifts: The sets this week were 5@95kg, 5@110kg, 5@132.5kg, 5@142.5kg, 5@110kg. Absolutely smashed these on Friday. Chalk and belt were used for the two heaviest sets, which were completed without rest breaks (I did not expect that)! I did have a pre-workout before training, so must assume that helped.

Wednesday was (as per last week) an upper body day, working on arms and upper/middle back as a means to strengthening muscle groups that may have been neglected recently and with a view to stabilizing my shoulder. It made a nice change, I enjoyed it and I think it is working. It felt good to get the blood pumped into those regions again, so I will retain this as part of my program instead of the repeat squat day.

The anterior shoulder pain

I have kept up with rotator work and stretching throughout the day (including early morning and evening), both at home and in the gym and I think this has helped a lot. I have also started to add in a little light overhead work, but am taking great care with this (see also the above comment about Wednesday). Nonetheless, the issue remained, but was nowhere near as bad. Even during and after the heavy deadlifts on Friday, the discomfort was minimal. The shoulder is still a little stiff in the morning when I wake up, but all in all it looks like it is well on the road to recovery! As I write this on Saturday morning, I would estimate that I am 80 to 90% along the road to full recovery. I am very pleased with this given that other people I have talked to who had the same (presumably) problem told me it took them six months to get it sorted out. So, hopefully these shoulder updates will be a thing of the past very soon!

Next week's mid-week post will be on my training inspiration, motivation and drive.

Thanks for reading.