Powerlifting 21. End of week 7 summary

Monday morning weigh in: 90.2kg, Saturday morning weigh in: 89.2kg. I'm VERY HAPPY with progress this week!

As per my program, all rep sets were upped by 2.5kg, apart from set 4 of my bench as that set was not completed in full last week

Squats: The sets this week were 5@82.5kg, 5@107.5kg, 5@120kg, 5@97.5kg, 5@95kg. Smashed it. Furthermore, I am very happy with this because in week 2, my 1RM was 120kg (I upped it to 130kg in week 3), whereas this week I managed this amount for 5 reps!

Bench presses: The sets this week were 5@82.5kg, 5@90kg (4 with no spotter), 5@92.5kg, 5@87.5kg, 5@82.5kg. These went OK. Again, I reckon I could have made the full five reps of set 2 with a spotter. Thanks to Sean from FCPC for spotting me on my third set. I am not confident that I did all of these with good form and without a little assistance, so will be repeating this weight next week. This is definitely my weakest lift, so I will start considering additional forms of purposeful practice to improve it.

Deadlifts: The sets this week were 5@97.5kg, 5@112.5kg, 5@135kg, 5@145kg, 5@112.5kg. Smashed them, I did have a preworkout though!

The anterior shoulder pain

This is almost sorted out now, beyond some stiffness in the morning when I wake up and some slight pain when attempting overhead lifts, so no need to comment on this in future blogs unless it flares up again. I will be maintaining focus on my form to help prevent that happening in addition to continuing with my shoulder mobility exercises and gradual implementation of overhead work. Although this shoulder has been troubling me for around one month now (ie for at least half of this first cycle), I have managed to progress in the cycle without compromising my progressive increases on my lifts by working carefully around the shoulder pain. I see this as an excellent result.

Some new books arrived and I am getting stuck into these. I will write a separate blog on the contents of my bookshelf in due course.

Thanks for reading.