Powerlifting 22. New 1 Rep Max attempts!

My shortest blog post yet ... As I am now in the last week of my 8-week foundation cycle I have decided to devote next week to new 1RM attempts on all lifts in order that I can calculate my starting weights for the next cycle, due to commence the following week (more on that later). In order to use a formula-based approach (this is the scientist in me coming out!) to determine what I should be attempting as my new 1RMs, I will be using the 1RM calculator on this website and basing the calculations on the highest 5 rep sets lifted during my foundation cycle: http://www.allthingsgym.com/rep-max-calculator/

My previous 1RMs were as follows: Squat = 130kg, Bench = 100kg, Deadlift = 160kg.

Not much else to say other than that really, except watch out for the end of week summary next week to see how I got on! I am hoping to add at least 5 (but preferably 10kg) to each of these lifts. Hopefully, I WILL SMASH THEM ALL!!!

Thanks for reading!