Powerlifting 23. End of week 8 summary

Monday morning weigh in: 89.8kg, Saturday morning weigh in: 89.2kg.

As per my program, all rep sets were upped by 2.5kg, apart from sets 3 and 4 of my bench press (see week 7 summary).

Squats: The sets this week were 5@85kg, 5@110kg, 5@122.5kg, 5@100kg, 5@97.5kg. All done OK, but a bit wobbly on the heaviest set. I put this down to increased focus on additional elements of form as a result of reading a new book on correct technique. So, at the end of this cycle my highest 5 rep set increase is 27.5kg.

Bench presses: The sets this week were 5@85kg, 5@90kg (3,2), 5@92.5kg (2,1,1,1), 5@87.5kg (3,2), 5@85kg (4,1). First set done OK, but the rest were split as a result of having nobody on hand to spot me. So, at the end of this cycle my highest 5 rep set increase is 12.5kg.

Deadlifts: The sets this week were 5@100kg, 5@115kg, 5@137.5kg, 5@147.5kg (1,1,1,1,1), 5@115kg. The deadlifts felt VERY heavy today, especially compared to last week when I absolutely smashed them. I did try a new pre-workout supplement this morning and to be honest I felt that it had no effect whatsoever beyond making me speak faster and for longer .... just ask Pav Malik, Lee Moran or Andy Lavery!! So, at the end of this cycle my highest 5 rep set increase is 25kg.

This was the last week of my foundation cycle. Next week I was planning to attempt new 1RMs in preparation for calculating the new weights for my next cycle (more on this later). However, I have now decided to delay this for one week (for reasons that will become clear next week hopefully) and next week will be a deload week instead, with the new 1RMs the following week.

I have also been reading a fabulous new book ... more on that later too.

Thanks for reading!

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