Powerlifting 25. End of week 9 summary

Monday morning weigh in: 89.2kg, Saturday morning weigh in: 88.2kg.

This has been a deload week, where I have basically kept the same weekly routine, but have only been lifting 50% of my 1RMS, so for each lift I have done 5 sets of 5 at 50% of my 1RM for that lift. I have also kept my accessory and conditioning workloads relatively light. I have certainly felt the benefit of this after eight weeks of progressive overload. There can be no doubt that I was still in the gym doing good workouts, but they all felt so easy, which kind of made a nice change, though I am looking forward to getting back on it next week, when I will be attempting my new 1RMs.

Using the lighter weights this week also had the added benefit of allowing me to concentrate more on my technical form, rather than on the heavy load. This was good timing given that I have been reading an excellent new (for me) book (Starting Strength 3rd Edition) which has incredibly thorough instructions on how best to go about each lift.

There were definitely tweaks I needed to make to help optimize my performance and I hope these will be reflected in my 1RM attempts next week. On the topic of tweaking, I would like to thank Danny Few for pointing out a tweak in my oblique wood chop conditioning exercise.

The deload week was also timed to accommodate another 'significant' event which took place on Friday morning ... my driving test! Obviously I did not want to be knackered, injured or even suffering any mild muscular pain whilst trying to focus on passing this. I am happy to say that the training smart paid off and I smashed it ... first time ... thanks to my driving instructor (and FCPC gym buddy) Pav Malik. I cannot recommend this guy highly enough, so if you are Rochdale-based and in need of lessons give him a call. Clicking on the image below will take you to his website.

Thanks for reading!