Powerlifting 27. End of week 11 summary ... back on it!

Monday morning weigh in 88.6kg, Saturday morning weigh in 88.6kg.

So, this week represented my first week back on linear progressive overload training following a deload week (week 9) and a new 1RM attempts week (week 10). I based my weights on my last progressive overload week (week 8), with the normal increments of 2.5kg, except where I had not made the full five reps the week before (in these cases the weights were kept the same). In addition, I aimed to increase my squat work and my bench work. The plan was to do do two heavy lifts per day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with accessory and conditioning work on the Tuesday and Thursday. It did not take very long at all to realize that my new program was totally unrealistic and the week consisted of swapping things around to come to a better approach. I was also quite surprised at how heavy some of the weights felt, weights that in week 8, I'd had no problem with. Clearly this is due to having had two weeks of significantly fewer heavy reps on each lift, so it should just be a case of building back up to it. The aches and pains I have been feeling all week are indicative of my body re-adjusting to the progressive overload program ... these are good aches though and a sign that progress is being made!

Hence, my plan for the following weeks is as follows:

Monday: Squats plus conditioning/accessory

Tuesday: Bench (light-medium, including slow pause and AMRAPs) plus conditioning/accessory

Wednesday: Squats plus conditioning/accessory

Thursday: Bench (heavy) plus conditioning/accessory

Friday: Deadlift plus conditioning/accessory

The conditioning and accessory work will be varied throughout the week. My four 0.5kg discs also arrived, so I can now incorporate smaller increments, which will be particularly beneficial for my bench work, but also for my other lifts as I am now at the point where a 2.5kg increase (on the heaviest sets) is getting too heavy.

Thanks for reading!