Powerlifting 28. End of week 12 summary ... pushing at the margins

Monday morning weigh in 89.2kg, Saturday morning weigh in 89.0kg.

This week I feel back on track and it has been a good week of hard work as follows:

Monday: Squats 5@90kg, 5@115kg, 5@126kg (4,1), 5@105kg, 5@102.5kg

Tuesday: Light bench 10@60kg, 9@60kg (long pause), 12@60kg, 6@60kg (long pause)

Wednesday: Squats 5@90kg, 5@115kg, 5@126kg, 5@105kg, 5@102.5kg

Thursday: Heavy bench 5@85kg, 5@90kg (4,1), 5@91kg (2,2,1), 5@87.5kg (4,1), 5@85kg

Friday: Deadlift 5@105kg, 5@120kg, 5@140kg, 5@145kg, 5@120kg

I was happy with the heaviest set on my deadlift, given that last week I had to do each lift individually (i.e., 1,1,1,1,1). However, when I checked back through my training log, I discovered that I had lifted this same weight for 5 reps in week 7. Nonetheless, the other sets were lighter, so in effect, it was still a heavier workload this week. In week 8 I attempted 147.5, but again managed only 1,1,1,1,1. So, next week will be more informative when I attempt the 147.5 again for 5 reps. Certainly, I intend to better my previous attempt at this weight! On reviewing the week, I also realized that there was just a single deadlift day, whereas previously there had been a second (light) day. Next week I will add a second (heavy) deadlift day on the Tuesday and see how that goes.

Reasonably happy with my heaviest squat set on Wednesday, though the depth of squat 2 is questionable. Frame by frame examination of the others shows they would just about make competition standard.

As with any form of progressive training, large gains are made at the outset, but as time goes on the gains become smaller and more difficult to achieve. It is at this point where you need to really push hard at the margins of your current abilities. I feel I am now reaching this point of my linear progression phase (especially for my squats and bench) and the 0.5kg discs are allowing me to make the small amounts of progress I am currently seeking. What remains now is to see how long I can keep this up. Even 1kg more or one rep more at this point is a significant gain and this is the progress I have been seeking on my sessions from last week. This has been achieved in good order. What remains now is to see if I can do the same next week!

Thanks for reading!