Powerlifting 29. End of week 13 summary ... Bin lids!

Monday morning weigh in 89.0kg, Saturday morning weigh in 89.2kg.

This week is school half term so I have found myself with additional child duty on three of my training days, on top of which, the youngest one (Amelia) has had a nasty cough through the night, which has reduced the amount of sleep I got on Tues, Weds and Thurs. However, I have tried to minimize the disruption this has caused, but have needed to cut back on a little of my accessory/conditioning work. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids and we have been out and about wild food foraging, having lunch out with their gran, preparing pumpkins and we also had a trip on the train into town. This week's work sets were as follows: Monday: Squats 5@92.5kg, 5@115kg, 5@127kg (3,2), 5@107.5kg, 5@105kg Tuesday: Light bench 5@60kg, 5@62.5kg, 5@65kg, 5@67.5kg, 5@70kg (long pause); Deadlift 5@107.5kg, 5@122.5kg, 5@142.5kg, 5@147.5kg (2,2,1), 5@122.5kg Wednesday: 5@92.5kg, 5@115kg, 5@127kg (4,1), 5@107.5kg, 5@105kg Thursday: Heavy bench, no ******* progress today! 5@85kg, 5@90kg (4,1 - spot), 5@91kg (2,3 - spot, assisted with 3rd rep), 4@87.5kg no spot - pinned myself to the bench!! Many thanks to Sean and Mike for rescuing me! Today I used the bench rather than the power rack, think I'd best move back to the rack as it is safer with its side safety bars! Final set not done as I needed to leave to look after the kids. I definitely need to get my head around this bench situation in order to keep making some progress. It seems to have a negative grip on me mentally, compared to the other lifts in which I still feel very positive. I will rectify this. Friday: Deadlift 5@107.5kg, 5@122.5kg, 5@142.5kg, 5@147.5kg (2,3), 5@122.5kg. I was aiming for 3,2 on the heaviest set, but just missed the lock-out on the final rep, not due to the weight, but due to a momentary lapse of concentration causing a balance issue.

I have also been reading another of my new books in order to determine what I should be doing once my novice (linear progression) phase comes to an end, which I reckon will be in the not too distant future and is probably already here for the bench. More on this in due course.

I have also starting having skimmed milk with my evening casein shake because I feel I need to up my calories slightly and because it tastes soooo much nicer than when it is mixed with water.

... and the fruits (excuse the pun) of our Tuesday foraging trip include wild dog rose-hip syrup and infused balsamic vinegar!

Thanks for reading!