Powerlifting 34. End of week 18 summary ... transition from novice to intermediate

Monday morning weigh in 88.8kg, Saturday morning weight in 89.0kg

In previous recent posts I have explained how I have been using the mini (0.5 and 0.25kg) discs to keep pushing at the margins. However, all I am doing here is adding slight amounts of weight to my plateau, so in effect, the linear increment phase is well and truly over. It seems rather pointless to be pushing for such small gains when there is the potential of continuing with larger gains by mixing my program up, i.e., by switching from the novice to intermediate stage program. So, that is what I have now done and my program now consists of volume work, light work and heavy (intensity) work. This is part based on the Texas periodisation method as detailed in the following book:

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Squats for volume 102.5kg (10,10,10,10,10), Bench for volume 70kg (10,10,10,10,10)

Tuesday: Deadlifts for volume 120kg (10,10,10,10,10)

Wednesday: Light squats 90kg (5,5,5), Light bench 62.5kg (5,5,5)

Thursday: Conditioning work

Friday: Heavy Squats 127.5kg (5), Heavy bench 87.5kg (5), Heavy deadlifts 155kg (5)

There can be absolutely no doubt that this is an entirely new level of stress on my body and I am looking forward to monitoring the gains that will result from this. Indeed, by the end of Tuesday my body had aching muscles I did not know existed. The deadlifts were really taxing and needed considerable recovery time (for my breathing and heart rate to come back down) between sets. I felt quite wobbly and a little faint after each set ... and I also felt a niggling occipital headache as discussed in one of my very early posts. I expect this was due to poor breathing technique during some of the sets. Most of my conditioning work was done on Wednesday and Thursday because I was running out of time and energy on the other days. My wide-grip pull ups and press-ups were down on Thursday, presumably as a result of accumulated fatigue, so I need to keep an eye on this and see how it goes. The heavy session on Friday took a long time but it felt good!

My wife continued with her training and is making good progress learning the techniques ... and the kids got in on the act as well.

Last week I mentioned Jane Girdlestone's success at her recent competition. This was picked up by the local media and you can read the full story by clicking here. Well done Jane!

Thanks for reading!