Powerlifting 36. End of week 20 summary ... in the club, but the Gym Gods are conspiring against me!

Monday morning weigh in 91.4kg (first time I have passed the 91.0kg mark since Aug 29), Saturday morning weight in 90.0kg

I am now formally a member of the British Powerlifting Federation, so will be able to enter competitions next year.

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Squats for volume 107.5kg (10,10,10,10,10), Bench for volume 75kg (10,10,10,10,10)

Tuesday: Deadlifts for volume 125kg (10,10,10,10,10).

Wednesday: Light squats 95kg (5,5,5), Light bench 62.5kg (5,5,5)

Thursday: Conditioning work

Friday: Heavy Squats 132.5kg (5), Heavy bench 92.5kg (5 - BOOM ... great result!), Heavy deadlifts 160kg (5)

All work sets were completed as planned, but some of my assistance/conditioning work has fallen behind on the previous week. For example, my press ups and wide-grip pull ups were down slightly. This may be due to various reasons. My sleep has not been quite as good as it usually is and I am also finding that I am feeling hungry whilst in the gym, despite having had my normal breakfast. I can only assume that the increased volume work necessitates that I up my calories slightly, so from Thursday morning I increased the oak content of my morning pancake from 50g to 80g. This seems to have worked wonders on Thursday and Friday. No hunger in the gym and my Friday session consisted of 5 reps of weights that were 1RMs not so long ago. The volume work is certainly paying dividends on getting additional weight gains on my bench press ... and no doubt the other lifts also, but I was not stalling on these to the same degree I was with the bench.

I am also considering a new 1RM attempt on my deadlift. I know it was not long ago that I made 180kg as a new 1RM and that chasing new 1RMs is not really smart training and that it is more of an ego thing. Nonetheless, I am (possibly a little too) eager to join the 200kg deadlift club! However, given the progress I am now making (particularly on my bench which has been stalling or seen only minimal improvement for several months) I think this would be a bad idea. Maintaining progress must take priority, so on second thoughts I will leave this until some point in the new year.

The Christmas Gym Gods are conspiring to screw up my training program. The kids are now off school for 2 weeks and I have to entertain them with pantomimes, Christmas Market, etc. and the gym will be closed for certain periods over the festive season. Fortunately most of the gym closures fall on Saturdays and Sundays when I don't train anyway. I don't mind taking time off work to look after the kids .... but taking time off the gym is a different matter all together. Given that my wife is now also training she understands the importance of this, so with a bit of good planning I should be able to maintain my program, with just a single day lost due to gym closure. No doubt I will find a way to fit in some bodyweight conditioning work on this day.

Thanks for reading!