Powerlifting 37. End of week 21 summary .... Oh yes he did ... oh no he didn't!

Monday morning weigh in 90.4kg, Saturday morning weight in 88,8kg

Wow ... this has been a hectic week in the run up to Christmas, with the kids off school. Monday was pantomime day, Tuesday was Christmas market day, Wednesday I had to take Siri to an all day soccer school and on Thursday I had a massive delivery at work. I knew all this was coming, so got mega-organized in order that it did not compromise my training ... and it didn't. Even my horrendous toothache of Wed, Thurs and Fri was (mostly) kicked into touch during my training time!

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Squats for volume 110kg (10,10,10,10,10), Bench for volume 77.5kg (10,10,10,10,8+2). Set 3 of the bench felt really good, quite easy, but I failed to make lock-out on the final rep of the 4th set and just managed to re-rack the bar. As a result, my mind played tricks with me on the final set. I really need somebody to spot me ... I reckon I would have made all sets for 10 reps.

Tuesday: Deadlifts for volume 127.5kg (10,10,10,10,10). As a result of falling behind with my accessory/conditioning work last week, I decided to slip this in before doing the deadlifts. It worked, as my wide-grip pull ups were up again to one set of 17 and one of 15. However, the last two sets of my deadlifts required very slight pauses (6,2,2) ... but the volume was still there.

Wednesday: Light squats 97.5kg (5,5,5), Light bench 70kg (5,5,5). Sets somewhat rushed, leading to mild left elbow tendonitis.

Thursday: Conditioning work. Again, some left elbow tendonitis, possibly due to moving back to the isolation machines for some of my accessory work ... however, I have a plan to move away from this in the new year.

Friday: Heavy Squats 135kg (3+2), Heavy bench 95kg (5 - thanks to Paul for spotting me. I needed the tiniest bit of help getting the last one up, but not enough that I should not try and progress next week - so this was a good result), Heavy deadlifts 162.5kg (0) - I decided to go for a new 1RM of just 2.5kg on my previous record of 180kg. I managed to get it off the ground, but did not complete the lift.

Many thanks to Lee Moran of Freedom Strength for pointing out a flaw in my deadlift set-up technique, which I will rectify from next week.

Thanks for reading ... and Merry Christmas!