Powerlifting 38. End of week 22 summary ... deload required!

Tuesday morning weigh in 90.8kg, Saturday morning weigh in 90.6kg

Obviously, this week has been about spending quality time with family. I have indulged myself slightly ... more crap food than usual (though not too much!), but I have also not been consuming some of the better items that I normally do. This has resulted in a double whammy ... which has impacted on my training. On top of this the gym holiday hours screwed with my training program slightly because i have had to miss sessions or train at different times.

Following my Tuesday session I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My whole body ached and I was very tired, probably due to the low quality fuel my body had been provided with over the previous few days. I was feeling slightly better by Weds evening, but on Thursday and Friday I was aching again. Typing this on Saturday morning I reckon I am feeling like I normally do after a heavy training day. In addition, I think I probably had a winter cold trying to take hold of me ... I'd had a mildly sore throat and felt a little congested for several days during the week, but it never seemed to develop further.

My heavy day on Friday was very poor. On top of the above, the gym was very cold at 7am as the heating was not working! No progress was made and I even had to abandon my heavy deadlifts at 150kg, which would normally have been easy for me! I reckon I could have pushed out a 4+1 on the 135kg squat, but was not paying enough attention to what I did the previous week and ended up doing the same (3+2). I will employ a deload next week in order to aid recovery and adaptation and see how I get on after that.

I was a little concerned that I may have injured my lower back slightly during my deadlift new 1RM attempt the previous Friday, as I felt something happen at the time and it had been niggling me since then. Fortunately, whatever it was does not seem to have had any lasting effects as far as I can tell and the niggling pain seems to have disappeared.

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Gym closed.

Tuesday: Late opening (4pm) Squats for volume 112.5kg (10,10,10,10,10), Bench for volume 80kg (10,10,10,8+2,7+3)

Wednesday: Deadlifts for volume 130kg (10,10,10,6+3+1,7+3)

Thursday: Day off ... looking after the kids, though I did end up in the gym with them and did some conditioning work

Friday: Heavy Squats 135kg (3+2), Heavy bench 97.5kg (2, both with finger touches from Paul, who kindly spotted me), Heavy deadlifts - should have been 162.5kg for 5 reps, but I had to stop at the 150kg warm up which I was unable to lift (previously I had done 160kg for 5 reps!)

Friday was also the last 2016 training day for my wife, Zahida. She is coming along well and is looking really cool in her new pink lifting belt and straps, provided by Lee Moran at Freedom Strength (click their logo below the photos to go to their site and order some for yourself!).

Thanks for reading and all the best for the New Year!