Powerlifting 40. End of week 24 summary ... Give the homeless a lift!

Monday morning weigh in 91.2kg, Saturday morning weigh in 90.4kg

The deload week seems to have worked. It has given my body a bit of a rest, which has allowed me to push forwards slightly with my work sets. All lifts were up slightly in terms of my volume sets on Monday and Tuesday. I decided to keep my Wednesday light by squatting and benching at 50% of my 1RM and maintaining it that way, rather than the gradual weekly increments I had previously been employing. I think doing this will help drive the intensity day on Friday.

The order of heavy lifts on Friday was Bench, Squat, Deadlift. Progress was made with the first two lifts, but by the time I got to the Deadlift I was obviously worn out. Hardly surprising really, given that 1RM calculators are showing my lifts x reps for both bench and squat are above my current 1RM and by the time I get around to the deadlift heavy set I have already been in the gym for around 2 hours! Furthermore, my best deadlift set to date was 160kg for 5 reps on Dec 16 ... and this also calculates a 1RM above my current 1RM. Hence, these loads are intense and some tweaking is required. I think I will try removing the heavy volume deadlift day on Tuesday and replacing it with Deadlift intensity. On Friday I will do some light deadlift for volume after my heavy bench and squats.

I have also gradually been working overhead work back in over the last two weeks. I stopped doing this because of shoulder pain, but it seems to be OK at the moment. I am currently doing seated dumbbell presses, but will look at shifting this up to overhead bar work shortly.

I now seem to be operating at a body weight of 1-2kg above what I was previously and I think this is a better weight for me, whilst still remaining in the same -93kg weight class.

This week I also registered for a deadlifting competition charity event in Manchester on 2 April called Give the Homeless a Lift in aid of the homeless, so I need to make sure I stay under the 93kg mark. You can see more about this event by clicking here. Time to start researching deadlift peaking routines!

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Squats for volume 112.5kg ([10,10@115kg],10,10,10), Bench for volume 80kg (10,10,10,9+1,7+3)

Tuesday: Deadlifts for volume 130kg (10,10,10,10,10).

Wednesday: Light squats 70kg (5,5,5), Light bench 50kg (5,5,5)

Thursday: Conditioning work

Friday: Heavy Squats 135kg (4+1), Heavy bench 97.5kg (3+2 [thanks to Alan and Andy for spotting me, defo no touching the bar on these sets), Heavy deadlifts 162.5kg (0, made 160kg for 1)

Thanks for reading!