Powerlifting 41. End of week 25 summary ... there's a new bar in town ... well worth trying out!

Monday morning weigh in 91.0kg, Saturday morning weigh in 90.8kg

Due to concerns about over training as a result of the combination of too much volume and intensity work combined, I revised my training program slightly. I have reduced the number of sets on the volume training down from 5 to 4; the heavy volume deadlift day (Tuesday) has been replaced by deadlift intensity; deadlift intensity (previously on a Friday) has been replaced with light deadlift for volume. The hope is that this slight adjustment will better facilitate recovery ready for intensity day for all lifts. It seems to have worked because I progressed on all lifts, so I am very happy about this!

This week the gym received SIX new barbells from Freedom Strength, so now there are plenty to go around. These are competition bars and have a slightly narrower diameter than the other bars in the gym (28 mm as opposed to 32 mm). I certainly like the feel of these for the bench press and deadlift, though the lack of knurling in the centre of the bar made if feel a bit slippy whilst setting up for the squat the first time around. However, by Friday I had no problems with it during my heavy squat session.

I spent several hours on Saturday entering all my data from the past six months into a spreadsheet and doing some preliminary analyses in order to produce a comprehensive review of my first six months. I still need two more weeks of data then this will go out in next week's blog post. I also ordered two new powerlifting books as a belated Christmas present to myself ... more on these when they arrive.

On Wednesday I trained later in the afternoon because there was a photo shoot by Doliz Miah in the gym, which I took part in to help produce new promotional materials ... more on this later.

Saturday and Sunday I was woken up by nasty tooth ache at 1.30am, Monday at 3am by mild tooth ache (and feeling hungry!?) ... pretty pissed off about this, but hey ho, I am working on it! Tuesday and Wednesday nights I had a great sleep!

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Squats for volume 115kg (7,9,7,8), Bench for volume 82.5kg (7,10,9,8 - no spotter, I reckon I could have pushed some of these further)

Tuesday: Heavy deadlifts 162.5kg (3,2) - reasonably happy with this given that I have made no progress on this lift for several weeks. I need to push this weight to at least 4 reps, but hopefully 5, next week.

Wednesday: Light squats 70kg (5,5,5), Light bench 50kg (5,5,5)

Thursday: Conditioning work

Friday: Heavy Squats 135kg (5), Heavy bench 97.5kg (4,1 - Andy spot), Light deadlifts for volume 100kg (10,10,10) - Very happy that I made progress with both heavy lifts this week.

Don't forget next week will be a BIG DATA ANALYSIS for my progress over the last since months, i.e. since I started my powerlifting training.

Thanks for reading!