Powerlifting 43. End of week 27 summary ... planning to join the 200kg deadlift club!

Monday morning weigh in 92.2kg, Saturday morning weigh in 91.4kg

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Squats for volume 117.5kg (10,10,10,10), Bench for volume 85kg (10,9,8,9)

Tuesday: Heavy deadlifts 165kg (4,1)

Wednesday: Light squats 70kg (5,5,5), Light bench 50kg (5,5,5)

Thursday: Heavy Squats 137.5kg (5) - Great result as it means that next week I will be attempting to rep my current 1RM of 140kg!

Friday: Heavy bench 97.5kg (4), Light deadlifts for volume 100kg (10,10,10) - So, this is the 3rd week that I have stalled on the fifth rep at 97.5. I am having a problem getting past the sticking point and I need to do something about it. I managed to do 5 reps of 100kg on the machine press, so I should be able to sort this out! Here is the plan: 1. Move my heavy deadlift day to Monday so that I am not training it at the end of the week with accumulated fatigue; 2. Lift heavier weights (100kg - my current 1RM) for lower reps (3 sets of 2) next week, followed by 102.5 (or 105kg - I will see how I feel) for ?3 sets of 1 the following week; 3. Thursday will include a bench volume component, though I may reduce this from the current 4 sets of 10, to 2 sets of 10 and add in some explosive training to help get past the sticking point; 4. on week 3 from now I will return to my 97.5kg for 5 reps and hopefully I will get it and then progress again from there.

However, before any of the above happened, on Sunday I attended a powerlifting competition in Liverpool with Sarah Docker, to watch Adam Mack compete. It was his first proper comp and he did really well, smashing his deadlift PB with a lift of 210kg ... he also came away with a nice certificate and a shiny trophy. So, well done Adam! Next time I attend one of these events it will be as a competitor rather than a spectator! My first competition this year is a charity deadlift only event on 2nd April in Manchester, followed by (assuming I can get a place when registration opens) the Juniors, Masters and Novice competition, also in Manchester, on 14th May. I have now worked out a peaking program for the 2nd April event, based on this suggestion: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/6-week-squat-bench-or-deadlift-program, which is due to start on 20th February (6 weeks before the event). I will post more about this when I have the exact weights sorted out based on my 1RM at that time. However, I will stick my neck out at this point and state that I will be looking to join the 200kg deadlift club at (possibly) the first event, but if not then certainly by the second event! If this peaking program seems to be successful for the deadlift event I will also employ it for the other two lifts (and re-run it for the deadlift) for the following event 6 weeks later. This week I also ordered a singlet, which is required attire in order to compete.

Adam with his certificate and trophy at the competition in Liverpool

Thanks for reading!