Powerlfiting 44. End of week 28 summary ... repping my current 1RMs for squat and bench!

Monday morning weigh in 90.6kg, Saturday morning weigh in 91.4kg

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Heavy bench 100kg (3), Squats for volume 120kg (10,9,9) - VERY happy with this bench as I am now repping my 1RM! The minor tweak of shifting this from the end to the beginning of the week has worked very well. I reckon I may have been able to squeeze out another rep, but no harm in leaving something in the tank in order to progress next week. On hindsight I should have done two sets at this weight. I also reduced the number of heavy volume squat sets from four to three in order to try and avoid falling into the over training trap.

Tuesday: Heavy deadlifts 165kg (5) - up by 1 rep.

Wednesday: Barbell overhead press added back in at 40kg (5,5,5,5,5) - so still at the early novice stage with this lift.

Thursday: Bench for volume 85kg (10,10,9) - up by 1 rep. on both sets 2 and 3.

Friday: Heavy squats 140kg (4) - Great result, this was my previous 1RM, though I expect the last two squats were not deep enough for competition standard (I will work on this next week), Light deadlifts for volume 120kg (10,10,10) - I upped the weight here by 20kg from last week.

My new Strengthshop singlet (no logo) arrived, which is required (as an IPF approved brand) for powerlifting competitions.

On Tuesday I will be testing my deadlift 1RM in order that I can work out a 6-week percentage-based peaking program for the competition on the 2nd April. I will be aiming for 195kg (but will settle for 190kg), so that I can hopefully attempt (and succeed in pulling) a 200kg lift at the comp!

Thanks for reading!