Powerlifing 45. End of week 29 summary ... More new PBs on ALL lifts and a slight setback!

Monday morning weigh in 92.6kg, Saturday morning weigh in 90.8kg

Unfortunately my wife liked her Valentines day mug present, so I couldn't keep it for myself ... but I think I defo need one of these!

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Heavy bench 102.5kg (3,3), Squats for volume 120kg (10,10,10) - NEW MAX on my bench ... for reps!

Tuesday: Deadlift testing the new 1RM - 190kg - NEW MAX great result, 10kg up on my previous max of 180kg. I was going to go for 195kg, but tweaked my back with the 190 lift, so decided against it.

When you push yourself at the extreme limits of your capabilities there is always the risk of injury. I completed the lift successfully but in doing so I tweaked something in my lower back. A number of options were available to me regarding my training schedule for the rest of the week: 1. Stop training until the pain has subsided; 2. Stop training and go and see a doctor or physiotherapist; 3. Carry on training as normal and work through it; 4. Research the topic of lower back pain following deadlifts and re-arrange my program to train around the problem and to help resolve it. The pain was not sufficient to warrant options 1 or 2 and it is also important to take ownership of your own difficulties, rather than immediately passing them over to somebody else who may not have a complete understanding of what you are doing anyway (option 2), though in severe cases this would be advisable. Continuing as normal (option 3) would be absolutely stupid and likely to make the issue much worse, though you might be surprised at how many people would opt for this approach! Option 4 sees the situation as a challenge, a problem to be solved and a learning opportunity. I went for the last option and it seems to be working. The problem appears to have been with the spinal erectors on the left side. I rolled them out with a tennis ball, took care not to over exert them for a few days and then when I did apply stress to them I did so gradually and carefully. I will see how they progress over the weekend before I start hitting them again next week.

Wednesday: Barbell overhead press added back in at 42.5kg (5,5,5,5,5)

Thursday: Bench for volume 85kg (8,8,8,8). No spotter today so I reduced the weight and rep count very slightly and added an extra set.

Friday: Heavy squats 142.5kg (3,2) - NEW MAX on my squat ... for reps! Very happy with this given the back issue. I did approach this attempt with a great deal of caution. Getting the second rep of the final set up was very difficult. Light deadlifts just go get some blood into any damaged tissues and keep them and the neuromuscular pathway active 60kg (10,10,10). Whether or now my squat depth was deep enough is debatable! I am not convinced it was during the first set, so I filmed the second set.

Thanks for reading