Powerlifting 46. End of week 30 summary ... deadlift comp prep begins ... aiming for 195-200kg on th

If the bar ain't bending ...

Monday morning weigh in 91.2kg, Saturday morning weigh in 91.6kg

Happy with progress this week, new max lifts (for reps) on bench and squat still being achieved, though these are slowing down. Nonetheless, I am still working in the 5 to 6 rep range, supported by volume sessions, so I still expect more new max lifts over the next week or so.

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Heavy bench 105kg (1,2), 102.5kg (2), Squats for volume 122.5kg (9,8,8) - NEW MAX on my bench ... for reps!

Tuesday: Deadlift - comp prep week 1: 2@80% = 152.5kg, 2@86% = 163.5kg, 1+1@92.5% = 176kg - obviously I was wary of these lifts due to my back tweak of last week. They certainly felt heavier than I expected them to (I needed a slight rest between the reps of the heaviest set), but it would seem that my back held out OK. I still intend to take it easy on my back for the rest of the week.

Wednesday: Barbell overhead press 45kg (5,5,5,5,5)

Thursday: Bench for volume 87.5kg (7,7,7,6.5) - no spotter for first three sets, Wayne spotted the last one. I decided to up my narrow grip bench press in terms of weight and sets, but failed on the last set 1x10@65kg, 2x10@70kg, 1x8[failure]@70kg ... thanks to Andy for noticing me trapping myself under the bar (again!) and coming over to help out!

Friday: Heavy squats 145kg (2,2,2) - NEW MAX, Light deadlifts for volume 100kg (10,10,10)

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