Powerlifting 47. End of week 31 summary ... a change of plan for the comp prep.

Monday morning weigh in 92.6kg, Saturday morning weigh in 92.0kg

I didn't hit my deadlift expectations on Tuesday, but quite possibly this was due to the heavy workload on the Monday. Regardless, I am now of the opinion that this is not the most effective comp prep for me and I will be employing some serious volume work for the next two weeks followed by an exponential taper approach two weeks before the event (more on this in due course).

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Heavy bench 107.5kg (2,2,2) - thanks to Andy Lavery for the spot, Squats for volume 122.5kg (10,10,10) - NEW MAX on my bench ... for reps and squats for volume hit the target also ... Great results!

Tuesday: Deadlift - comp prep week 2: 4@80% = 152.5kg, 3@87.5% = 166kg, [should have been 2@95% = 181kg, but I was unable to hit it having tried two times. Maybe the increase in weight from 166kg was too great. Hence, subsequently I worked up in smaller increments, hitting 1@171kg, 1@176kg, 1@178.5kg, I was able to get 180kg off the ground three times, but was unable to complete the lift and lock it out. I accepted defeat after the third attempt.

Wednesday: Barbell overhead press 47.5kg (5,5,5,5,5) - Good progress, this is more than 50%. Next target 75%, then 100%

Thursday: Bench for volume 87.5kg (10,10,6) - Good progress, up on last week ... but this week I did have a spotter and it really does make a lot of difference.

Friday: Heavy squats 147.5kg (2,2,2) - NEW MAX ... for reps. I reckon I might have been able to squeeze three out on one of the sets. I was a little concerned about depth in the second set, so recorded the third set. The first one hit the mark, the second one I am not so sure.

Thanks for reading