Powerlifting 48. End of week 32 summary ... rounding off the new max lifts and best of luck to Jane!

Monday morning weigh in 92.0kg, Saturday morning weigh in 92.2kg

Some ups and downs but overall, very good progress. New max lifts for doubles rounded up to 110kg on bench and 150kg on squat. I only hit one set of two on the bench, so will now cease with increases and start to work on building new strength potential through volume. I will continue attempting new doubles on the squat next week. Deadlift work is focused on preparing for the comp on 2nd April.

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Heavy bench 110kg (2,1), 105 (2) - thanks to Sean Carr and Paul for the spot, Squats for volume 125kg (10,10,10) - NEW MAX on my bench ... for reps and squats for volume hit the target also ... Great results!

Tuesday: Barbell overhead press 50kg (3) - I tweaked my left anterior delt as a result of bringing the bar down too quickly. All upper body work was cancelled in favour of some abs, lower back and the prowler, followed by an early bath! I will need to revisit this lift with more care next week.

Wednesday: Deadlift competition prep (practicing the opener): 170kg (1,1,1,1,1) - Deliberately done for five singles rather than attempting a single set of 5, in order to practice the set up and a quick grip and rip. The lifts felt good, with no interference from previous lower back problems of the past couple of weeks.

Thursday: Bench for volume 90kg (4,6,7,5); narrow grip bench 72.5kg (9,9,8) - No spotter, so both these lifts were done with the safety bars a little higher.

Friday: Heavy squats 150kg (2,2,2) - NEW MAX ... for reps. All squats were of a good depth, but I went a little too low on the second rep of the second set, which resulted in diabolical form getting the bar back up again. The video below shows the first set, where the second rep only just went up. The second rep of the third set went up a bit more easily.

Now I am looking forward to spending most of the day watching Jane Girdlestone compete in the British Masters Classic Championships in Belfast via their livefeed ... hopefully!

GOOD LUCK JANE ... you're a machine and you're gonna SMASH IT!!!!

Thanks for reading