Powerlifting 49. End of week 33 summary ... first proper full competition in 8 weeks!

Monday morning weigh in 92.0kg, Saturday morning weigh in 90.8kg

Had a very poor night of sleep on Sunday, so was quite happy that I had scheduled in a deload for the bench press on Monday, following five consecutive weeks of new 2RMs. However, I had barely any sleep on Thursday and in the morning was physically and mentally drained. This was reflected in my Friday squat where I was unable to get out of the hole on 152.5kg and found myself being saved by the support bars of the power rack for the first time!

Congratulations to Jane Girdlestone who became British Champ M1 female at her comp last Saturday! I too have now registered for my first official comp which is due to be held at Fighting Fit Manchester on May 14. My aim on the day will be to hit the British Qualifying Total for my weight and age category (Masters 1, -93kg), which is currently 460kg. This is potentially doable as my current total is 450. If it does not look like it is going to happen on the day then so long as I get more than 417.5kg (which I should do with no problem!) then I will be happy because this is the qualifying total for Masters 2, which is the class I will be in from 1st January 2018.

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Deload bench 80kg (5,5,5,5); Squats for volume 127.5kg (7,6,5) - I felt I probably had at least another rep in the tank for both of the last two sets, but given the crap sleep I'd had the night before I decided not to push it too far and to leave them there in order to make progress next week.

Tuesday: Barbell overhead press 50kg (5,5,5,5,5) - Happy with this as I had difficulty with it last week, when I had to abandon it after the 3rd rep of the first set due to anterior deltoid pain. The trick is a slightly wider than shoulder grip, but most importantly to make sure the bar is brought down in a slow and controlled fashion.

Wednesday: Deadlift comp prep: 177.5kg (1), 180kg (1,x), 160kg (1),180kg (1) - I failed the second rep in the first set of 180kg, so dropped to 160 for one and was going to leave it at that and continue with my accessory work. At the end of my session I noticed Andy Lavery had 180 on his bar, so decided to give it another try ... and made it. Just goes to show how important a sufficient rest period is between heavy loads.

Thursday: Deload bench for volume 70kg (10,10,10,10)

Friday: Heavy squats 147.5kg (1) - This was the last warm up set before attempting 152.5, which I failed completely! In theory, I should not have had such a problem with this weight under normal circumstances because I managed 150kg for three sets of two last week. However, I was physically and mentally drained as a result of no sleep and having to deal with stupid shit! Nonetheless, I had a good 5 week run of new 2RMs on the squat. Now it is time for some volume to build up strength potential for the upcoming comp.

Thanks for reading