Powerlifting 50. End of week 34 summary ... stupid bollox ... good luck Andy and well done Jane!

Monday morning weigh in 90.0kg, Saturday morning weigh in 91.6kg

Unfortunately, since Thursday of the previous week I have had some absolutely pointless, stupid bollox going on in my life which lasted until Thursday evening of this week. I put up with the situation but it was very draining emotionally and affected my sleep to some degree, making me more tired throughout the days than I normally am. This obviously had a knock-on effect to my training in addition to my personal life, but there was not much I could do about it that did not involve extreme measures. Nonetheless, I have a robust and extremely strong mindset and managed the situation. Of course, I am aware that there are always options available in any given situation and maybe the next time such stupid bollox raises its ugly head, which it no doubt will, I may take a very different course of action!

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Bench for volume 90kg (8,8,6,5); Squats for volume 127.5kg (6) - I found this difficult, maybe for the reasons mentioned above. However, I have been hammering it for a long time, so decided to deload the squat this week instead for 100kg (10,10,10).

Tuesday: Barbell overhead press 52.5kg (5,5,5,5,5) - Happy with progress here.

Wednesday: Deadlift comp prep: The aim today was to work up to two reps of 185kg. The first seemed to go up without too much difficulty so I thought f**k it, why not go for a new 1RM of 192.5kg (with the aim of going for 195kg at the comp). I got it off the ground, but not all the way up. I did not want to grind too hard on it with the comp coming up, so put it down and called it a day. I did record this attempt though and on watching it back was not at all happy with my form. There is room for significant improvement in my set up and I know exactly what is wrong with it, so have made a mental to correct that for here on. At present my comp plan is 170kg opener, followed by 185kg, followed by 190kg (or maybe I will go higher, but that will be decided on the day).

Thursday: Bench for volume: declined 70kg (12,12,12); inclined 70kg (9 - failed on 10), 60kg (12,12); narrow grip 50kg (12,12,12) - I enjoyed this session as I have not done decl/inc bench for a very long time. Felt nice and pumped afterwards.

Friday: Deload squats 100kg (10,10,10)

Best of luck to Andy Lavery who will be competing in a Push Pull event in Stalybridge on Sunday and WELL DONE to Jane Girdlestone who, following on from her great performance in Belfast last weekend, has now been invited to represent GBR at the world class level in Belarus in June!!!!

Thanks for reading