Powerlifiting 51. End of week 35 summary ... deadlift comp tomorrow!

Monday morning weigh in 91.8kg, Saturday morning weigh in 91.4kg

Sunday was spent watching Andy Lavery smash his Push-Pull event at Stalybridge on Sunday, where he pulled a new PB of 195kg on his deadlift ... so, WELL DONE Andy! I also had 40 minutes to kill in Manchester on the way over there so checked out the location of Fighting Fit gym where I will be doing my deadlift competition tomorrow, with the weigh in at 10.00 am! Lift off for my group starts at 1.30. This is a charity event in aid of the homeless and I am hoping to pull a new PR (currently 190kg), though I will not be aiming for the 200 club just yet (that will be happening in May!).

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Squats for volume 125kg (8), 120kg (8,8) - This felt heavy, but was following on from a squat deload last week.

Tuesday: Bench for volume 90kg (8,7,6,5) - One rep down on the second set from last week. Let's see what happens next week. I might need to drop to 80kg in order to hit sets of 12 reps.

Wednesday (Happy Birthday - 49!): Barbell overhead press 55kg (4,2), 52.5 (4,5,5 [After Stuart Davren had energized the bar!]); Deadlift comp prep: just worked up to the opener of 170kg, which actually felt heavier than normal today!

Thursday: Taking Andy Lavery's advice and doing SFA as rest and recovery management in prep. for the comp, other than some light treadmill and a sauna. I did make the fatal mistake of overthinking my deadlift technique today. I know I shouldn't have done this, but I did it anyway ... I definitely will not do it again just before a comp!

Friday: Ditto yesterday!

Thanks for reading!