Powerlifting 52. Week 36 summary ... first time on the platform!

Photo by Takiyah Daly at LiftDaly.com (182.5kg at lock-out)

Monday morning weigh in 91.6kg, Saturday morning weigh in 91.0kg

Sunday was the big day ... my first time at a proper competition, though it was only a deadlift event. It was held at Fighting Fit, Manchester and was a charity event in aid of the homeless. 44 lifters registered and at the last count the total amount raised was just over £1,700 and still rising, so a great result overall. Weigh in was at 10am, and I was 91.7kg, so well within my -93kg weight class. It was a strange experience ... I warmed up to my opener of 170kg, which I pulled with ease in the warm up and smash in the gym no problem.

However, on the platform it is very different and it felt very heavy indeed! Hence, I went down a bit from my planned 185 kg second lift to 182.5 and that went up OK (slightly under 0.9kg below 2x bodyweight. I was planning to go for 195 for my final lift (current 1RM 190), but given the foregoing opted for 192.5. I got it off the ground and fought with it for a bit, but it didn't happen on the day. Not to worry, some valuable lessons learned, I will still aim for at least 195 at the comp in May. I enjoyed it, but the buzz of doing it kicked in afterwards, once I had got home. I really enjoyed my first time on the platform, even if I did not hit a new PR (but as current British champ Dave Clifford pointed out ... it did represent a new comp PB for me, so that is a good result!). Overall I am happy with my performance. Many thanks for the team support from Andy, Jane and Lee who turned up to watch ... it was VERY much appreciated!

So now I need to prepare for my next comp in six weeks time. This is a full comp, including all three lifts. I am doing a final week of volume now before starting a four week peaking program, followed by a recovery week before the comp, during which I will just practice my openers. Many thanks to British Champion Jane Girdlestone for giving me some pointers on comp prep on Monday! Tooth ache later in the week has been sapping my strength!

This weeks work sets were as follows:

Monday: Bench/chest for volume 100kg (3,3,2,2), Chest press machine 60kg (13), 65kg (12, 14).

Tuesday: Squats 'for volume' 120kg (4,4,4,4) - Down 50% from last week, probably due to a very bad night's sleep and post comp fatigue. At least I managed to increase my prowler volume, so at least there was some progress made.

Wednesday: Barbell overhead press 55kg (5,5,5,5,5) - happy with this as it was the weight I was going for last week but was unable to manage!

Thursday: Inclined and declined bench press for volume.

Friday: Squats 120kg (6,6,6) up from Tuesday but still down overall; Deadlift 140kg (6), 160kg (6), 170kg (1)

Some more competition photos from the talented Takiyah Daly at LiftDaly.com

My opener of 170kg

Struggling with 192.5kg which would have been a new PB

I have also decided to reduce my calorie intake slightly and I will see how I get on with this. I expect it will be of benefit, given that my training will shortly reduce from 5 days per week to 3 days per week during my peaking phase.

Thanks for reading!