Powerlifting 53. Week 37 summary ... comp prep 5 weeks out

Photo by Takiyah Daly LiftDaly.com

Monday morning weigh in 91.8kg, Saturday morning weigh in 91.4kg

This week I have started a 3x3 4-week peak in prep for my upcoming competition in May. Essentially, the program consists of performing each of the three lifts, three times per week, with heavy deadlift on Monday, heavy bench on Wednesday and heavy squat on Friday. This weeks works sets were:

Monday: Bench 5x4@72.5kg, Squat 3x3@97.5kg, Deadlift 2x1@160kg

Tuesday: Accessory/condition work

Wednesday: Bench 2x1@97.5kg, Squat 3x3@100kg, Deadlift 3x3@120kg

Thursday: OHP 55.7kg (5,5,5,5,5) - Good progress here.

Friday: Bench 5x4@72.5kg, Squat 2x1@130kg, Deadlift 3x3@120kg

I also got the opportunity to check my blood pressure and pulse on Tuesday, which were 99/61 and 73 respectively - both are OK. On Friday I started to experience short, sharp pains in my left knee. I am not sure what could have caused this, but it could be due to a multitude of non-training reasons. It did not affect my training on Friday, so there is little I can do but keep an eye on it. Hopefully it will rectify itself if I make a concerted effort not to aggravate it.

I think my crap camera has finally given up as a result of getting sand in the mechanism after taking my kids to the beach. It is about time I got a better one anyway, so there may be a delay in new videos and photos for a while.

Thanks for reading