Powerlifting 54. Week 38 summary ... comp prep 4 weeks out and DISASTER STRIKES!

Monday morning weigh in 91.8kg, Saturday morning weigh in 90.4kg

I am not very happy at the moment. Following just one week of comp prep. my back went during the second rep of a warm-up deadlift set of just 140kg (1RM 190kg). At the time it felt very bad and I stopped immediately. This happened on Sunday afternoon and while I am not one for making excuses, I never train in on a Sunday, 99.9% of the time I train first thing in the morning ... and my kids were also in the gym with me. I suppose I was not as focused as I normally am. Regardless, sh*t happens and it has happened now. I rested for most of Sunday then went out for a walk on Monday. I was surprised that I was not in more pain when I woke up on Monday and that I actually had a good night of sleep. As I write this on Tuesday, my thoughts are that it is not as bad as I initially thought and am hoping it is just a muscular (rather than spinal) issue. I am still in discomfort but there is no acute pain, though I have had the odd twinge and I am hyper-aware of my movements at the moment, so am treating it very carefully. I don't think it would be wise to lift a barbell for a couple of weeks, perhaps longer ... I will wait and see how it goes ... but the problem is that I will not be able to prepare for the comp in four weeks time. I was considering withdrawing but a change to the rules means it may be my last chance of competing as a novice so I will see how I get on between now and then and might go along and just do a few token lifts of minimal weight just to get the experience.

It is now Friday and I have just completed my final training session of the week. Keeping mobile seems to be beneficial and I am quite optimistic with my progress. I have not done any deadlifts yet, but have been through the range of motion and reckon I will be able to get back on them shortly, though may need to leave it for another week. I have added hack squats in and have also been doing bodyweight squats (my back twinges when I go too far below parallel, so need to avoid doing this). I have been rolling my back out daily with a tennis ball and today I also needed to adjust my belt to make it fit more tightly.

On Saturday, as I write this, my back feels a lot better, though I can still feel some discomfort. More on this next week.

Monday (done on Sunday): Bench 5x4@72.5kg, Squat 3x3@97.5kg, Deadlift 2x1@170kg (back went on 2nd rep of 140kg warm up - see above)

Tuesday: light upper body work, treadmill.

Wednesday: Bench 2x1@102.5kg (this was done on the chest press machine), Squat 3x3@100kg (hack squat machine 60kg on), Deadlift 3x3@120kg (not done)

Thursday: light upper body work, treadmill; OHP 60kg (not done)

Friday: treadmill, Bench 5x4@72.5kg, Squat 2x1@137.5kg (hack squat machine 100kg on), Deadlift 3x3@120kg (not done)

Thanks for reading