Powerlifting 55. Week 39 summary ... comp prep 3 weeks out ... it's probably not gonna happen!

Monday morning weigh in 91.0kg, Saturday morning weigh in 91.2kg

I had been taking it very easy since hurting my back the previous Sunday and thought I was making good progress. I was actually VERY surprised with the speed at which it seemed to have recovered, though I did not want to take too many liberties too quickly. I did some light squats and deadlifts on Wednesday and these went OK. However, on Friday my back went again on the second rep of an 80kg warm up squat. Competing in this condition would not be a good idea, so it looks like I will be withdrawing from the comp shortly. Clearly I need a reasonable amount of time in order to fix this problem. Alternatively, and given that my entry has already been paid for, I could go and just do one token squat and one token deadlift ... but still try to get a new bench PB. I would still place second in my age/wt class as there is only one other competitor! This will be my last chance to compete as a M1 class, so it is something for me to think about over the next week. However, I feel the urge to do a bit of body-building/strength potential work while I let my back recover.

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