Powerlifting 56. Weeks 40 & 41 summaries ... no comp for me this time!

Weigh in start 90.8kg - end 89.8kg

There was no summary last week because I spent the weekend in Blackpool with my daughter for her U9s football tournament. We both had a great time.

Given my back problem (which is not bothering me at all, but which I do not trust to withstand very heavy loads at the moment) I have pulled out of the competition this weekend. Obviously I am not happy about this, but sh*t happens and I need to deal with it. I have decided to lay off deadlifts and squats for 12 weeks, though I may start working them back in before then. I am working around the problem, so will continue with my bench press and my overhead pressing seems to be OK at the moment too, though I am cautious about this as the load gets heavier. I have spent the last two weeks doing a bit more accessory work and body-building type programs and I am quite enjoying the change. Of course there will be a carry over from this when I get back onto my main lifts in due course. I might also look at cutting a few more kgs while I'm at it ... or at least work on losing some subcutaneous fat and see if that also translates to a weight loss. Just from a vanity perspective, I am considering getting absolutely ******* ripped for my 50th birthday in March, so now could be a good time to experiment with my nutrition. As I will not be fully focuses on the powerlifting side of things for the next few months, I will probably reduce the blog posts from weekly to monthly updates ... unless something significant happens in between. I am still planning on going to the meeting this weekend but to spectate rather than compete and wish all those taking part a happy and successful event.

Thanks for reading