Powerlifting 57. Weeks 42-45 summaries

Weigh in start 90.0kg, end 90.8kg (end of week 6 post-injury)

Earlier this week, I was very surprised and very happy to receive notification that my blog had been listed within the top 40 weightlifting blogs on the web and the top 25 powerlifting blogs on the web (ranking 31 in the former and 14 in the latter!!). I have no idea what metrics were used to generate these lists and don't particularly care ... I am just very happy to be listed on them.

Throughout the period covered by this blog post (i.e. the last four weeks) I have been battling with an unpleasant bug, which totally screwed up my sleeping and energy levels, but I now seem to be back to normal. Nonetheless, I still managed to get in lots of good training and have been continuing with the volume work (still no squats or deadlifts). I am enjoying this change and am feeling the benefit in terms of bulk and physique, but no doubt my overall strength levels will have declined somewhat.

I have still been pushing the overhead press and made a new personal best this week of 5 sets of 5 reps at 60kg, but still have not sorted out a new camera so no footage as yet.

I am gradually reducing my calorie intake prior to training in order to have a go at fasted training in the next few weeks, with a view to shifting some extra subcutaneous fat. More on this when I give it a try.

Given my next post will probably be a few weeks from now, I must take this opportunity to wish Jane Girdlestone and Dave Clifford the very best for their upcoming competition on the WORLD STAGE in Belarus in the very near future. A great achievement for both competitors ... go and SMASH IT!!!!!

Thanks for reading