Powerlifting 58. Weeks 46-51 summaries ... back on squats and deadlifts next week!

Weight 91-8 - 90.2 kg

OK, 6 weeks to catch up on, so I will keep everything brief!

I have now reached the end of my 12 weeks squat and deadlift lay-off period following the back injury I sustained. I do not know exactly what it was, but hopefully this will be sufficient time for it to have healed, so I am looking forward to getting back to squats and deadlifts next week (and trying out my new powerlifting shoes). I will be working back up to my previous weights very gradually!

I have enjoyed the volume work I have been doing during the interim and intend to keep it up to some degree. During this period I got a new max on my overhead press of 70kg for 1 rep. This is heavier than my 7-months-pregnant wife ... though I could not envisage raising her above my head! I am also currently working up to a new max bench press attempt.

On Sunday I took the wife and kids to watch our friend Jane Girdlestone compete in the Roses Cup. As usual, she SMASHED it, breaking various records. Jane got a wilks of 428.68 which gave her Number 1 masters lifter of the day and 2nd overall female lifter of the day ... BOOM!!! Well done Jane!!!

Thanks for reading!