Strength Training 59. Weeks 52-54 summaries ... back on the heavy lifts!

Body weight 91.0-90.0kg

After 12 weeks of rest from deadlifts and squats (following tweaking my back) I am now back on them. I am doing each lift twice per week and increasing gradually, starting from 30kg squats and 40kg deadlifts, I am currently on 60kg squats and 75kg deadlifts and working my way back up. Concentrating so much on form for each rep makes them seem much harder to do, but I am happy to be back on it.

During my 'time off' I have been back on some volume work and am due for a new bench press PB attempt of 112.5kg on Monday, followed by 115kg the week after. I also have a new phone, so I can get back on with taking videos and photos.

I am happy with my current physique and have defo dropped some body fat over the last month or so as a result of intermittent fasting and a (presumed) slight calorie deficit, though I have not been tracking this 100%, just going off a feel for what I am consuming. If I maintain my current food intake, the deficit should increase as the squats and deadlifts get heavier, so I will wait and see what happens here.

I have also received the hard copies of my book: Escape the Fat Trap: It's not rocket science!

Click the cover more info about this! The book is based on my rapid weight loss success as shown in the 90 second video below:

As always, thanks for reading