Strength Training 60. Weeks 55-60 summaries ... half way there!

WOW ... lots to report on over the last few weeks, most significantly was the gain of an extra 7lbs of bodyweight in the arrival of Dean, my son (and future spotter) on August 30th. My routine has altered significantly but I am still getting my training in, so I am very happy about that.

My squats and deadlifts are increasing gradually following from the back pull several months ago and I am now around 66.6% on my squat (100kg) and 60% on my deadlift (115kg) nine weeks after reinstating them. This linear increase is set to continue and I am happy with progress to date. In addition to conventional deadlifts, I am also training sumo style just to see how the two compare and have also been experimenting with the hook grip (as opposed to an alternate grip).

In week 55 I failed a new 1RM attempt on the bench, presumably because I did not employ a significant (any) strength block between the volume and the peak. This has set me back (nonetheless it was a learning experience), so I am currently on week 5 of a new volume block ... and will follow this with an appropriate strength block. I have recently started a strength block for my overhead press with the aim of a new 1RM shortly. I have also added a prowler session in on a Sunday and am currently at 140kg, increasing by 2.5kg each week.

I have been intermittent fasting 16/8 since week 56 and have found this relatively easy. As a result of a very slight calorie drop and the increased intensity from the squats and deadlifts I have been getting leaner and losing bodyweight. I intend to continue this and see if I can happily get down to the <83kg powerlifting weight class. My last weigh in was 86.4kg, a decrease of around 2-3kg over the last four or five weeks, so I am approximately half way there already,

I have also written a book on my new understanding of weight loss and how it is relatively easy to achieve and sustain. Advance copies of Escape the Fat Trap: It's not rocket science! are available now, though it will not be formally released until 1st November. You can see more about it by clicking the cover below:

This summary period has, of course, also included the school summer holidays, so I have often had an entourage in tow during my training sessions, but fortunately they are now back in school so I can get my bench and weights back and get down to some serious business without interruption every five minutes!

As always, thanks for reading!