Strength Training 61. Weeks 61-67 ... New book and much more

Plenty to report on since my last blog post, most notable of which is the formal release of my new book: Escape the Fat Trap: It's not rocket science! It is available as a paperback and ebook in both Kindle and epub formats. It got some nice media coverage which you can see by clicking here.

I have been continuing my weight cut with the aim of competing in the -83kg class and this morning (13 Nov) I weighed in at 84.4kg. The photo below was taken on 20 October when I weighed in at 84.6kg. I hit my lowest weight to date, 83.6kg, on November 10th, so I am certainly heading in the right direction.

I have renewed my membership with Great British Powerlifting and hope to compete as a Masters 2 at the novice comp in January, where my goal will be to hit the qualifying totals for the British Championships.

I have also been acclimatizing my future spotter to the gym environment and he seems to be quite happy with it all. My wife is now also back training after giving birth 11 weeks ago.

As for my lifts, these are not doing too badly considering I am cutting weight and not getting the best of sleep at the moment due to the little fella in the above photo!

Bench: I transitioned from a volume block to a strength block and am not progressing in the latter as much as I would like. Nonetheless, i will see what happens when it comes to the peak phase which I will enter shortly.

Squat: I have just plateaued after reducing from 5x5 to 3x5 in week 64, so have now embarked on the Texas method to continue pushing the intensity. This is the first time I have tried this properly, so I am interested to see what happens.

Overhead press: I am currently in a peaking phase on this and last week got a new max of my 1RM for 2 reps. This week I am due to exceed my 1RM for a single rep.

Deadlift: I am still progressing along the linear program with increments of 2.5kg per week for 5x5 conventional on Tuesday and 5x5 sumo on Friday. However, in order to make a decent deadlift at the comp in January I will need to start increasing by 5kg per week, but will reduce the volume to 3 sets of 5 for both conventional and sumo on Tuesdays and Fridays, with an increment of 2.5kg on each of these days.

As always, thanks for reading!