Strength Training 63. Weeks 72-75 ... Competition time one week tomorrow!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

This blog post covers the last four weeks, which includes the Christmas and New Year seasonal festivities. I overindulged a little bit here and there, but did no serious damage and am still on track for the under 83kg weight class at the comp next weekend. From a pre Christmas body weight of 81.5kg, I reached 83.8kg on 27th Dec, but weighed back in at 81.2kg this morning. I am also just getting over an unpleasant head cold that kicked in on 23rd Dec, so that has sapped my energy somewhat, but I am hoping I will be fully recovered by next weekend.

My aim at the comp is to hit a qualifying total for Masters 2 at 83kg on the total of my second lifts and so this is what I have been training towards. Today I did all three lifts up to the second attempt for each lift in the same order I will be doing them at the comp. I also took my time on all reps, as if listening for the appropriate commands from the judge. Hence, my lifts were as follows (including reduced warm up reps in order to conserve energy):

Squat: 40kg (8 reps), 60kg (6 reps), 80kg (4 reps), 100kg (3 reps), 110kg (2 reps), OPENER - 120kg (1 rep), SECOND ATTEMPT - 135kg (1 rep). The opener was easy enough, but the second attempt was a bit of a grind due to a focus on hitting sufficient depth. So long as I am aware of this potential issue, I do not see a problem pushing this up at the comp. I will give it one last go on Monday just to make sure!

Bench: Empty bar (10 reps), 40kg (6 reps), 60kg (5 reps), 80kg (4 reps), 90kg (2 reps), OPENER - 95kg (1 rep), SECOND ATTEMPT - 105kg (1 rep).

Deadlift: 60kg (10 reps), 100kg (6 reps), 120kg (4 reps), 140kg (2 reps), OPENER - 150kg (1 rep), SECOND ATTEMPT - 160kg (1 rep). I might try and push this a little bit more than I had planned, but I will see what is happening and how I am feeling on the day.

So, my plan now is to take it easy next week: just do my openers on Monday and Wednesday then rest Thursday and Friday, ready for the competition in Liverpool on the Saturday. I will be weighing in at 12.30 and lift off will be at 2.30 - there should be a live stream of the event for those who are interested to watch it.

As always, thanks for reading!