Strength Training 65. Weeks 79-81 ... new affiliate league competition review

Just when I thought I was getting back into regular training (weeks 79-80), up pops another competition in my local area. This was the first of a new initiative of NW Powerlifting concerning their affiliate league and was very ably organized by Jon Wilkinson and his team at Fighting Fit, Manchester (18 Feb, 2018, end of training week 81). Although I do not train with an affiliated club there were spaces available for independent lifters so I went along to help make up the numbers.

As per ******* usual, the trains were problematic so I took the bus replacement service with my daughter and team photographer and there were a number of friendly faces to greet us on our arrival and we were both very grateful to Gen for giving us a lift back home!

Once again I achieved my goals at the comp by hitting new comp PBs on all lifts, having weighed in at bang on 83.0kg on the day, though I did fail a 110kg bench press and started slightly lighter on the squat and deadlift than I had initially intended. Nonetheless, progress is progress and this left a little something in the tank to up my game at the next comp. On the day I lifted:

Squat: 130kg, 135kg, 140kg (all lifts felt deep and strong and I expect to open with 140 at least next time)

Bench: 100kg, 105kg (I got this no problem, but failed it at the novice comp 4 weeks earlier), 110kg (couldn't quite get the lock-out on this lift)

Deadlift: 170kg, 177.5kg, 185kg (all lifts felt strong, though I was definitely reaching my current limit on the last one shown in the video above). The last lift represented a new general PB at this body weight, having hit 180kg at the end of week 80. Moreover, my previous 1RM was 190kg, but this was at around 93kg BW, so the 185kg lift above gives me a better Wilks score as a result of the considerably lighter BW. I am now looking forward to hitting 200kg later this year.

In total there were only 12 lifters and I placed 5th, adding 25kg on my competition total from the novice event four weeks earlier. My total was 430kg, giving me a Wilks score of 287.025 (age-adjusted score = 324.338), so I was very happy with the outcome on the day, especially as I had not done any specific peaking for it as I wanted minor interruption to my current training plan.

In summary this was a FABULOUS day. Powerlifting comps are great anyway, but this was more like a chilled out version that did not drag on for so long, though I was still knackered when I got home at the end of it. I will definitely take part in more of these if I get the chance in order to prepare my game plan for future, sanctioned comps.

Thanks for reading!