Some numbers

Age: 50 (Masters 2, Qualified GB Powerlifting Coach)

Body weight: Currently ca. 99kg

Bench press: 132.5kg for 1 rep @99.2kg (1.34x BW)

Squat: 165kg for 1 rep (5 singles) @84.2kg (1.96x BW)

Overhead press: 75kg for 1 rep @82kg BW (0.90x BW)

Deadlift: 192.5kg for 1 rep @84.6kg (2.28x BW)

COMPETITION PBs (*informal comp)

Squat: 150kg @99.2kg BW (1.51x BW), 140kg* @83.0kg BW (1.69x BW)

Bench press: 120kg @99.2kg BW (1.21x BW)

Deadlift: 187.5kg @99.2kg BW (1.89x BW), 185kg* @83.0kg BW(2.23x BW)

Totals: 135+95+175 = 405 (+M2 British qualifier) - Liverpool Novice 2018;

140+105+185 = 420* - Club comp Fighting Fit, Manchester 2018

Bench only: 102.5 (+M2 British qualifier and first place in M2 -83kg) - Stalybridge Push-Pull 2018 (this was a very poor performance ... I should have been opening at 110kg!); 115kg Northwest Champs 2018 (entered as bench only)

150+120+187.5 = 457.5 (+M2 British qualifier) - NW Masters Championships (Stalybridge) 2019

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My recent competition deadlift (DJS Stalybridge, NW Masters, August 2019 ... 187.5kg at 99.2kg bodyweight (new comp PB)
My heaviest deadlift to date ... 192.5kg @84.6kg BW!
My best comp squat to date ... 150kg
My best competition bench press to date ... 120kg
My heaviest press to date ... 75kg for 1 rep!
Novice comp, Power & Fitness, Liverpool, Jan 13, 2018 (photos by LiftDaly)
DSC08041 10x8 450dpi
DSC07403 reduced size
Charity deadlift comp, Fighting Fit, Manchester, April 2, 2017 (photos by LiftDaly)
Loading and spotting at various powerlifting competitions
Christmas Extravaganza, Fighting Fit, Dec 3, 2017 (photos by Northwest Powerlifting)
Christmas Extravaganza, Fighting Fit, Dec 3, 2017 (photos by Northwest Powerlifting)
Women's British Champs, MGS, March 25, 2018 (photos by Northwest Powerlifting)